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Finding your dream bravoauto little-used car is just the beginning. We are also committed to ensuring that your leasing is experience with us is just as good.

With a simple, flexible and hassle-free process from start to finish, Bravoauto's financial services* make your choice even easier. You can worry less about leasing and spend more time planning where to go with your car.
Buying a car is a personal process and we believe that leasing should be the same. Bravoauto leasing specialists will provide you with the highest quality service to facilitate and make this process as comfortable as possible for you.

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Our team will be able to offer you not only the best leasing solutions, but will also help to get the right insurance.

Leasing and finance leasing offers

An easy way how to buy a car with leasing.

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Car finance can offer advantages over using cash or an unsecured loan for many customers. You’ll receive additional consumer protection that is not available with cash or unsecured loans. The application process is shorter, faster and less intrusive with a higher acceptance level as car finance is secured directly on the asset, like a mortgage. This keeps your non-car orientated borrowing credit line free. Car finance is also very flexible and could protect you against excessive depreciation. Perhaps most importantly, you only borrow exactly what you need to complete your purchase and not a penny more!

All finance applications will be subject to credit checks and affordability assessments carried out by our lenders based on the information you provide us. Please ensure you can afford to repay any loan you request that we arrange on your behalf.

The two most popular options when buying used cars are hire purchase (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP). The one you choose will simply depend on your own situation and the age and mileage of the car your wish to buy. By choosing finance, you will normally benefit from a shorter, faster application process and a faster decision compared to unsecured lending. You are also more likely to be accepted, since the finance is secured against the car, like a mortgage, keeping your other lines of credit free.

Yes, definitely. We can offer a wide variety of term lengths, rather than the 6 or 12 months 'blocks' offered by many lenders. We can arrange a loan for 38, 45, or even 57 months to ensure you aren’t paying unnecessary interest on a term longer than was required. You can make additional payments at any time to reduce the overall term of your loan, benefitting from a lesser interest charge overall. And you'll receive additional consumer protection, meaning that you have more rights over your purchase than with a loan, such as with voluntary termination or Section 75 protection.

Hire purchase - or HP - is probably the simplest and most often available of the three, which might explain why it's the most popular among motorists. After you've chosen your car, you'll be required to agree a deposit before working with the provider to determine a payment term. With these two elements decided, your monthly payment amounts will be determined. Providing you've kept up with payments throughout, the vehicle will be all yours at the end of the agreement term.

Personal contract purchase - or PCP - is often considered the most flexible option. You'll still be required to pay a deposit and keep up with monthly payments, but these are likely to be considerably lower than they would be with a hire purchase agreement. This is because of the optional final payment - a predetermined amount that you'll be required to pay if you want to keep hold of the vehicle at the end of the agreement. If you don't want to pay this, you're free to arrange another deal and move onto something else; perfect for those who like to keep up with the latest models.

You can find out more about the difference between PCP and HP with our easy to understand HP or PCP guide.

Having a bad credit history may have made it more difficult to buy a car on finance in the past, but bravoauto aims to change that with our impaired credit car finance.

To benefit, you only need to meet a small range of criteria. Once you've found your dream car, our team will ensure your payments are still manageable.