Replace your existing car with an Inchcape Certified used car and save!

We will buy your car back - you will pay part of the cost of a new car:

1 step
Arrive at the showroom with your existing vehicle.

Vehicles are tested to strict Inchcape Certified standards.

2 step
We will assess the condition of the car and agree on a purchase price with you.

We will provide an objective and professional assessment of the car and agree on the best sale price. Together we will determine the value of your car.

3 step
Choose any Inchcape Certified used car model that works best for you.

Choose any used car model and you will pay part of the cost with an existing car!

4 step
We will help you complete all the necessary documents.

We will quickly complete the paperwork for the sale of your existing vehicle and the purchase of your new vehicle. We offer excellent leasing and insurance conditions. We will help you register your vehicle.

5 step
You will buy a slightly used car cheaper and faster.

Avoid the many worries of changing your car, save time and buy a used car with ease. If you take advantage of the Inchcape Certified Exchange Offers, you'll be able to get behind the wheel of a new car much faster!


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Why buy a car in Inchcape Certified ?

In-depth and high-quality technical inspection

Vehicles are tested to strict Inchcape Certified standards.

Full range of professional services

Financing, insurance, test drives and other services are available locally.

6 months warranty

Six-month warranty on all cars from Inchcape Certified

Buying a car (trade-in)

Your car can serve as a down payment